Thursday, November 18, 2004

Not enough, but too soon...

I'm on a high. I have been having intense feelings for an individual I met just days ago. I know that I should not be confused, I know that I should not jump into conclusions, but I also know that I have to take risks.

I'm a cautious person. I do not cross the street without clearly checking if it's already safe to do so. I will ask the guard to check my bags even if he's already ignoring me and letting me in. I will edit and re-edit what I do even if it takes forever. I just have to make things right and make things work, error-free.

But why o why? Why do I always immediately jump and assume that this unexplicable feeling deep within me is LOVE? How can I see the difference? I refuse to accept that I'm just horny and that what I feel now is nothing but lust. I will not accept it.

"I like you" is not enough, but is "I love you" too soon?

How soon is too soon?

Wednesday, November 17, 2004

me, myself and my tukayo

Such an amazing turn of events. Just weeks ago I was moping around, feeling sad and lonely, wandering aimlessly (well actually within the Robinson's mall lang naman) and meditating on my past misadventures. I kept on asking the question, "When will I finally meet the right guy for me" (Take note: GUY, so mom please, give it a rest okay? hehehehe), and I never thought that it will ever be answered.

I guess fate (or destiny) would prove me wrong again.

The next couple of days that came I was wowed by an amazing person who shared so many similarities with me, our passions, our sacrifices, our experiences. Still there were unexplored avenues and definitely differences in opinions and attitudes that made our times together even more interesting.

Things are looking pretty good.

Now I'm pretty sure eyebrows will start orbiting the room again when they read this. They'd start to tell me... "na naman?" "di ka na ba nadala?" "aber at hanggang kelan na naman yan?"

To them I say... quever!

Wala ba akong karapatang lumigaya? Puro na lang ba tinik... sa dibdib... (ala ate guy take note) ang dapat kong maramdaman? Heheheheheh

Oh well. I just want to enjoy this moment. Been a long time since I've met a treasure like him. And I intend to keep him for as long as I can.

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