Thursday, November 18, 2004

Not enough, but too soon...

I'm on a high. I have been having intense feelings for an individual I met just days ago. I know that I should not be confused, I know that I should not jump into conclusions, but I also know that I have to take risks.

I'm a cautious person. I do not cross the street without clearly checking if it's already safe to do so. I will ask the guard to check my bags even if he's already ignoring me and letting me in. I will edit and re-edit what I do even if it takes forever. I just have to make things right and make things work, error-free.

But why o why? Why do I always immediately jump and assume that this unexplicable feeling deep within me is LOVE? How can I see the difference? I refuse to accept that I'm just horny and that what I feel now is nothing but lust. I will not accept it.

"I like you" is not enough, but is "I love you" too soon?

How soon is too soon?

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