Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Gadget & Tech Tuesday

Content, content, content. Since I’ve resurrected my blog from the dead I have been thinking of what content to put in it. And so while on my commute to work I came up with a list of what to put on the blog (aside from the occasional love messages to mah sugah coated hunka love machine).

  1. Music? - I am a music fan, I sing a lot, but I don’t think I’m much of an expert as my taste in music is limited to the occasional pop, rnb or opm hit.

  2. Movies? - Oh please. There are enough bloggers on earth pretending to be movie critics. I will not add to them. Which brings me to the question, what credentials do these supposed “movie critics” have to be movie critics anyway?

  3. Food? - Nah. Am on a diet. Can’t do no food review when one can’t eat.

  4. Travel? - Budget diet. Can’t travel without the moolah.

  5. Work? - Hell no. If I’m actually working this blog won’t get updated.

  6. Medical News - a bit of that I think. But I’m no medical expert myself so I’d rather leave that to the experts. And no I don’t mean individuals with pre-med courses who think they are experts. Leave the medicine to the real doctors.
What do I love to read about and talk about? These past few years I have been really interested with gadgets and programs and I am sort of the de-facto techie guy in the office, so I think this blog will contain mostly tech and gadget news which will hope to cater to the non-techie straight or gay individual out there.

So, starting today and every Tuesday thereafter, this blog will feature a new segment called “Gadget & Tech Tuesday”. I will scour the internet and tech sites and blogs for gadgets and tech news that fellow pinoy gay guys (oh okay, straight people too) like me will appreciate. I will just give the goods, not do a review as I believe that a true “reviewer” should have the expertise first. I am not expert, just an enthusiast.

So let Gadget & Tech Tuesday begin!

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