Monday, November 21, 2005

A House is not a Home...

Till you decorate it.

What a way to start my week: a major headache after a night of … ehem.

Anyway, I think this is mainly caused by sleepless nights thinking of what to do to my new house. It’s really bare. As in plain cement floorings, zero paint cement walls, muddy front yard. The first time I saw the place I cringed. I wanted to back-out of my contract. But that’s how it goes in the low-cost housing world. They will just build your house, make the necessary water and electricity connections, give you a working toilet and sewerage system, but the gargantuan task of transforming your house from a skeleton to a super-model is entirely your own problem.

And the biggest problem of all...


Oy vey. Somebody give me a Tylenol.

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