Monday, November 07, 2005

Low-Cost Housing? Waaaahhhh!!!!

Low-cost, my foot!

Whoever said that owning a low-cost house is easy and cheap should be shot in the face with a shotgun and be fed with a fragmentation grenade.

As it is, I've been having sleepless nights trying to find ways to come up with the money to pay for the never-ending fees: processing fee, move-in fee, transaction fee, fee here fee there fee everywhere!

Should I just give up and end up renting instead? Whoever the hell gave me the idea that buying and owning a low-cost housing unit is cheaper than renting should be slapped. Oh. Sorry mom.

How I wish my blog reaches thousands of readers worldwide. A dollar per reader can go a long long way. But I guess it's just asking too much.

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Ha ha ha! Kunwari spam. Anyways, i'd link this site to mine when I am able, okay?

See you both soon.
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