Thursday, December 08, 2005

20 Random Things About Me

I read this at Ajay’s Writings on the Wall blog and since she encourages people to do the same I might as well do mine…

  1. I wore contact lenses/eyeglasses since I was in the 4th grade.
  2. My contest piece for a singing contest where I won was a Laura Branigan song (which is forgettable thus I forgot the title).
  3. I have straight hair up to my 6th grade but mysteriously turned curly when I got to high school.
  4. I was an honor student in my elementary years but zero honors from high school and beyond.
  5. I’m addicted to Pond’s skin whitening vitamin cream. (Don’t ask why)
  6. I love sinigang na baboy.
  7. I owe HSBC Php 41,000++ in credit card debt.
  8. Now I owe Pag-Ibig fund 500,000 for a housing loan.
  9. I’m in a blissful 1 year relationship (cross my fingers).
  10. I’m a silent Sharonian.
  11. I secretly wish I’m a contestant in “The Swan” (now it’s no longer a secret. Duh)
  12. I love watching cooking shows but I barely cook.
  13. I’m an Encantadik.
  14. I still love Mariah despite of her many kagagahans.
  15. I think I will be one of those naked wandering people when I become insane.
  16. I stopped going to the gym for a month now (and counting).
  17. I secretly cast spells/hexes to people I despise (which sometimes work, creepy).
  18. I’m a kuripot.
  19. I’m masungit.
  20. I love singing, wired or wireless mic included (wink).
Rules dictate I have to tag 5 people so…

…if your last name begins with a vowel, you’re tagged!
…if you like sardines, you’re tagged!
…if you’re a kapuso, you’re tagged!
…if you have a credit card you’re tagged!
…if you love eating Sunflower crackers, you’re tagged!

Keep this moving will you?

hi jerome
finally found a way to check who has blogs. hahaha. mine is obviously. and how are you?
hello bong,

uy thanks for the comment. im okay. so what's this ive heard about you and my boss?

anyway, obviously im using foundation resources to update my blog. don't tell. LOL
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