Friday, December 09, 2005


Pinoy Big Brother (the 1st season, at least) is ending. I've just had it with this show. I've had enough of the kaartehan, the pagpapanggap of Uma that he's straight, the pseudo-love stories, the very fake good deed ek ek. C'mon! All of these are for ratings. The hell with the psychological/human dynamics crap. I mean, gawd! The product placements! ABS has tried every trick in the book to milk this cash cow to its last drop. Enough already.

I miss the old ( I mean post EDSA revolution) ABS-CBN, with shows like Ryan Ryan Musikahan, Tatak Pilipino, the old TV Patrol format, Palibhasa Lalake, Abangan ang mga Susunod na Kabanata, the original Mel and Jay, and Pangako Sa Iyo. What happened to the people and think-tanks behind these shows? Did they all transfer to GMA?

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