Friday, December 02, 2005

Party with the Senior Citizens

Today, my boss and I attended the Christmas party of our project partners from the Alternative Learning Services of Manila. This is extra special for them because they are doing this for the 1st time with senior citizens from the 6 districts of Manila in partnership with the “Mahal ko si Lolo, Mahal ko si Lola” Foundation. It is very heartwarming to see our lolos and lolas still having the grandest time despite their old age and waning energies.

Of course the ever energetic Teacher Community Coordinators of the ALS-Manila should be commended for their selfless and wholehearted service to our senior citizens.

Makes me think about what my future brings, 30 - 40 years from now. Will I be lucky enough to even live that long and attend activities like these? Will there be people like the ALS teachers left to make me happy in the twilight years of my life?

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