Thursday, December 15, 2005

Queer Podcasts

Podcasting is relatively new in the Philippines. I have yet to hear a Philippine-based podcast which will interest me. For all you ignoramuses (ignoramusi?) out there, a podcast is pre-recorded 'radio show' in mp3 form which you can download and play on your computer or any mp3 player. Podcasting is mostly identified with using an iPod but since most files are in mp3 form any player would do (I use a Creative Zen Micro). There are a lot of podcasts available to suit your taste: sex, housekeeping, politics, science, celebrity, etc.

Anyway, in the queer podcasting world (queercasting as coined by these podcast divas), 3 podcasters reign supreme: Ragan Fox of Fox in the City, Madge Weinstein of Yeast Radio, and Wanda Wisdom of Lucky Bitch Radio. They also have a weekly podcast collaboration called Eat This Hot Show, which is a wonderfully gay blend of wit, humor, sarcasm, sex and everything else.

My favorite of the three is Ragan Fox. He is a performance poet and and a professor and doctorate student at the Arizona State University and a proud and certified power bottom version 2.0. The first time I listened to his podcast I laughed my ass off. His show is very campy, he does tons of 'persona' acts, where he lampoons and makes fun of anyone and everyone. Even his listeners are not spared. Not even his dead father.

I really wish local podcasts will have queer counterparts like these. I know some of the Philippine podcasters are gay but they bore the shit out of me.

Anyway if you are interested to listen to any of these fine queercasts, just click on the links on or at the side of this page. Believe me, these queens are worth listening to.

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