Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Blogger Addict

Yes. I admit. I've been bitten by the blog bug and now I'm addicted.

The symptoms:

  1. When I get to the office, I check my blog first. Then my email.
  2. When I'm on my way to and from work, I look around and observe, trying to make a blog entry of something.
  3. Fifty percent of my time in the office is spent reading other blogs (bong if you're reading this don't tell my boss ok? please!!!), tinkering with my blog and JCDs (I made his banner, so proud of my photoshop skills. teehee), finding ways for my blog traffic to increase, commenting on other blogs, reading news to put on my blog. etc.
  4. I promised that today I won't put any entry nor tinker with my blog, but here I am.
  5. I'm seriously experiencing withdrawal symptoms when I don't see my blogs on weekends.
  6. I'm starting to regret my transfer to Cavite 'coz I don't have an internet connection thus I can't blog.
This is serious. I need help!!!

How bout you? Any blogger addiction stories to share?

And how do you know he doesn't have a blog of his own? Knowing how his mind works...he disdains anything trendy, but secretly does them. hahaha. let's put a positive spin to this - your communication and networking skills are getting honed!
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